The next iPhone is eagerly awaited as we all know, infact iPhone sales have dropped in anticipation of the next iPhone which as per Apple’s past record and all the leaks and rumors flying will bring a much needed redesign to Apple’s hugely popular iPhone. We have come across many leaks recently with alleged new iPhone images along with the iPhone 4S/4 and then the appearance of cases which gave us a pretty good idea of how the next iPhone will look like and now we first time have images of the fully assembled next-gen iPhone thanks to the guys at iLab Factory.

This is the first time we are seeing the next iPhone in full glory and it could be every close to what Apple will unveil. It has the elongated body with a new mini docking port, headphone back at the bottom and a brushed metal back. All those things which we’ve been hearing lately and this new leak again confirms those rumors.

Although the SIM card holder seems to be missing but it still looks like the real deal with well assembled parts. You acn check out the full gallery of assembled pictures and all the parts in their glory in the source link below.