CrackBerry got their hands on some pretty juicy images straight from a RIM insider, it depicts BB10 OS being tested on a BlackBerry 9860.

The images are pretty clear. The menu looks good, the taskbar at the bottom looks remarkably similar to Nokia Belle, the taskbar at the top looks like an Android/Belle/MeeGo mixture. UI looks pretty good, might be fluid. Icons have a lot of detail, I like. The mailbox application’s list looks good, much better than current ones. The in-call screen looks good too, it has a lot of options including Video Chat, something BlackBerries haven’t had, ever. It will also bring support for widgets.



All and all it looks pretty good, the sad bit is just that we’re still months away from any release and any devices running on it, but it does give RIM enough time to polish out all the bugs. We’ll keep you updated.