As the recent news say that the 1st Generation of Samsung Galaxy S won’t be able to get the latest available version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich and so in order to compensate the disappointment of the users, Samsung decided to introduce the new and fresh Value Pack which is based on ICS for them.

The new Value Pack based on ICS having some interesting features in it, was recently released for Galaxy users in Korea which created some basic confusion as to how to get these into use. So, Samsung has made details on ‘How to use the Galaxy S Value Pack Guide’. This guide has come up with some really good benefits for both the users and even the company. There would surely be an uplift in the company’s bank balance since all the Galaxy S Series will soon be integrated with new and improved features.

The most innovative of all is the Face Recognition (Face Unlock) or commonly known as ‘Blink To Prove You’re Human’ feature. At the first release of this, had some basic bugs in it and was in beta which was then verified and improvised in the later Value Pack release. ┬áThe Value Pack also comprises of the ability to capture prictures while on the video recording mode and additional photo editor for great fun on the go, addition of the ability to change the font and font size in some of the applications. Most of the Android users go for purchasing of Launchers from Android Market just t get the features of adding folders in app drawer. In order to fulfill the users choice, Samsung even introduced features such as adding of folders.

The Guide for the same can be downloaded from here.