News: Reports suggest Samsung has surpassed Nokia in the global phone market

We have always known Nokia as the leader of the the global phone market, to be more specific 14 years but it seems that their reign is over now. If reports of the first quarter is to be believed Samsung has now surpassed Nokia as the leading global phone vendor.

Reports from the Reuters poll of analysts suggest that the Korean company have outsold the Finnish makers for the first time. In the first quarter Samsung has sold around 88 million handsets while Nokia is said to have sold around 83 million handsets.

Well these are expected numbers but we have to wait for Samsung to confirm these numbers until the end of April. This was largely expected since Samsung are really growing on their success of the Galaxy series while Nokia are going through a re-born of sorts.

Nokia took over the leading handset maker crown from Motorola in 1998 and has been holding the title for 14 years but it seems the reign is over now. Samsung is expected to launch the highly anticipated Galaxy S III which will further boost its sales but we’ll have to wait and watch if the Lumia series of Windows Phones can make any impact to bring back Nokia’s glory.

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