We all know Windows Phone has been low key in US (and other countries as well!), people still aren’t aware of Microsoft’s budding OS and it needs a truly awesome product and a major marketing push so that the device doesn’t go unnoticed. Well it seems Nokia and Microsoft are doing exactly that.

We all know the Finnish company has has taken up Windows Phone as its primary platform and it has embarked a huge marketing blitz in some countries to make sure that Lumia 800 doesn’t go unnoticed. Maybe now its the turn of the US. According to rumors Nokia Lumia 900, the rumored US flagship by Nokia will see a huge marketing campaign for itself costing worth the staggering $100 which will be split between Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T. AT&T has¬†apparently¬†also agreed to give the device a “hero” status and feature the device in all its advertisements.

We’ve already come across leaks of the Nokia Lumia 900/Nokia Ace and we can say it looks promising and the huge marketing blitz would really help Nokia and Windows Phone gain some much needed traction. We can be certain about a thing that Nokia will be starting its Rolling Thunder campaign with a blast but lets not get our expectations too high, let come next Monday and we’ll get to know every detail of the device at CES.