We have heard a lot of rum ours recently about what the future updates will bring to Windows Phone. WMPoweruser have got hands on what they say is the alleged roadmap of Windows Phone up to date as of October  2011, the alleged leaked roadmap gives us clues on the upcoming updates i.e. Tango and Apollo and what we could expect of them.The leaked roadmap says nothing new about the Tango update we haven’t heard of that it will bring Microsoft’s budding OS to products with the best prices which will allow OEM’s like Nokia to push for lower price points and get the much needed market share for Windows Phone while there is no word whether LTE will be supported in Tango or we’ll have to wait till Apollo, rumours suggest Tango will bring the LTE connectivity support beecause of the persistent rumours of Nokia bringing an LTE enabled Windows Phone, presenting it at CES. The roadmap indicates the Tango update will arrive in Q2 of 2012. Apollo is the big update all have been waiting for which is said to enable the release of competitive superphones powered by Windows Phone. It might bring the HD screens and dual-core processors but we’ll have to wait quite long to see what more the update brings. Apollo is said to arrive in Q4 of 2012, while its not clear whether the dates indicate availability to end users or OEM’s.

We should all take all this with a pinch of salt as it is just a leak so it might turn inaccurate while we hope to see some major news from Windows Phone at CES 2012.