A ton of Social Networking platforms are available now. Some are designed in a way that communication happens there by posting images and videos. One such well-known platform is termed as Snapchat. It is a well-balanced platform that allows a user to share images and videos in a different way. Snapchat team often rolls out new updates so that users can enjoy the latest features in trend. This time a new AI-based feature has been released for the app. So let’s check out some in-depth details about it.

If you’ve ever used Google Lens on an Android device then this might appear familiar to you. It uses the same Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to recognize the products in the camera frame. Snapchat has just added an Amazon search on the camera screen which helps people to buy the same product from Amazon. Snapchat has played well here because they are promoting Amazon as well.

This new feature is on the way and will be rolling out to both Android and iOS platforms soon. To make it work you have to hold your phone pointing towards a product or its barcode and tap the screen. Snapchat will attempt to find that product on Amazon. For now, no other information is there, till then stay tuned to Installornot for more updates.