With so much hate accumulating the new redesigned Snapchat app and few weeks later to this Snapchat announced that they’ll bring a newer and faster version of Snapchat App soon. Still, a year has been passed and we didn’t saw any update on that.

But recently a user named Jane Manchun Wong found a way to enable the Snapchat Alpha. XDA forum users then explored and provided a simplified version to get those new features. Let’s see how the new Snapchat Alpha is better than our regular Snapcaht App.

  • Faster: The new Snapchat Alpha comes with a faster UI allows the user to swipe quickly.
  • Design: The settings menu is more simple, and the stories menu now looks very similar to the Instagram Stories menu.
  • Cleaner: The bottom navigation bar is black instead of transparent and the icons are a bit more noticeable. It does make the app feel a bit cleaner.
  • Messages: Snapchat Alpha cleans the regular calling and video calling buttons. They may add it on later update.
  • New Profile Page: As the Google redesigned everything with their Material Theme, Snapchat has also tried to the same kind of thing. The profile page removes the bar-code and made it cleaner.
  • Stories: Snapchat has also changed the stories UI and made it similar to the Instagram Stories.

These are the few things we saw new on the Snapchat Alpha. And these features good enough to make a new update and rolling out for the users. We just have to wait to see all these in an official update.

However, if you’re interested to get this update before the official one comes out. You can get all the details in the link given below. But keep in mind you’ll need a rooted phone to get this update.

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