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The leading provider of mobile internet software and services – UCWeb released UC browser version 3.1 for Windows. Creating a stir the market, UC browser climbed to the top position on the WP store. It received 11,000 highly rated reviews from Indian users alone. This new version of UC browser is now readily available for download on the WP store (for both WP8 and 7.x).

UC browser has become very popular with a bunch of enhancements and unique features. This new version of UC browser comes with multiple features including easy-to-use interface and cloud acceleration technology. To name a few others, it also holds advanced features like sharing, smart download, speed mode, multi-tabs management, UI customization. With these add-on’s, this browser is sure to provide the best browsing experience on WP platform.

The salient features and highlights of UC browser for WP:

  • Easier and efficient sharing: This browser allows the user to share images via any app that support photo-sharing on Windows phone. Just long press any image you want to share and select the “share image” and the image is shared easily.
  • Browse while listening to Music: One can listen to music while browsing.
  • Fantastic user experience: Due to the cloud acceleration and data compression technology, UC browser has become fast, efficient and very easy to use. Lot of time is saved with the gestures which are added in the browser. This also delivers great interactive experience. UC browser supports more gestures than IE.
  • Smart download: It enables download of any files in any formats. One can also pause and resume downloading making the phone into and efficient download tool.
  • Multi-tab management: UC browser allows multi tab opening. It allows maximum up-to 9 tabs while IE allows a maximum of only 6 tabs. So the speed of work increases. It maximizes what you can do with a browser.
  • High Customization: The user can easily customize their browser by adding various backgrounds and skins which are available in the UC Theme center in the storage. One can even personalize the speed dial and there is also an option of choosing fonts for Web pages.

There is also a Night Mode which can reduce the screen brightness thus saving the eye from strain. The Speed Mode enhances the speed of surfing there-by saving lots of time. Incognito browsing allows the user to browse without saving any content or without the content being recorded. Text-only browsing filters unwanted ads, images etc automatically.