Ravin 8000mAh Power BankWhile Ravin Retail might not be a name one hears as an end consumer, they have been manufacturing and supplying electronic equipment around the globe for quite a few years now. Ravin’s first step into the consumer market is marked by the Ravin line of power banks. Today, we are taking a look at the Ravin 8000mAh power bank.

Ravin 8000mAh Power Bank Design :

Ravin 8000mAh Power Bank DesignThe Ravin 8000mAh power bank comes in a hardbox. There are a few features mentioned on the front side. For us personally, we loved the color combination. The front and the back are made of some rubbery material which resists slipping of the power bank when kept on a desk. The neat trick that the Ravin 8000mAh has under its sleeve is that the device comes with a microUSB and a lightning cable inbuilt. Yes, not only that but there is even a proprietary 30-pin connector for devices like the Samsung galaxy tablets.

Ravin 8000mAh power bank featuresSo while charging your Android phone, you can even charge upto 2 more devices, that is definitely awesome. Not just that, this version also comes with a separate USB out if you want to use your own cable. So much freedom only makes this product that more versatile.

Ravin 8000mAh power bank specificationsThe output obtained is 1.2Amps and 2.1Amps for devices that support it. Ravin 8000mAh Power BankThe green strip on the sides houses the flexible microUSB and lightning cable. This actually results in a truly wireless travel accessory because we found ourselves worrying less about cable management.

Ravin 8000mAh Power Bank warrantyInside the box, you can find the power bank, an extra flat-style microUSB charging cable and a warranty and quick start guide. Ravin ensures your devices operate as they should by bundling a 1 Year warranty for all their products. This is unique and a great value add in our opinion.

Ravin 8000mAh Power Bank : Performance

Ravin 8000mAh Power Bank PerformanceWe tested the Ravin 8000mAh power bank usng different devices. The findings are as follows :

We were able to charge the OnePlus One with a ~ 3000mAh battery for two full cycles with juice left for a Moto G. Similarly with the Meizu MX4 Pro which had a ~3200mAh battery, we could charge it for two cycles with charge left over for another 30% recharge.

Ravin 8000mAh Power Bank

The power bank does not take long to fill up. In around 3 to 3 and a half hours we could fill the power bank to the full using a 2.1Amp charger.

Final Verdict :

Ravin 8000mAh Pwoer Bank ChargingThe Ravin 8000mAh power bank has a lot of unique features that make it a must have if you travel a lot or juggle between multiple devices. By the virtue of its design, you can travel clutter free. It looks good and it isn’t really something we would call bulky while it has a decent amount of heft.

For a price of around Rs.2000 the Ravin 8000mAh is not cheap, but it isn’t built to be. The build quality is great, performance is as you would expect and it has a lot of unique features working for it. Ravins 1 year warranty policy is an added benefit to ensure that you have support ready when something goes wrong. In this price competitive market, Ravin is trying to show that good design and performance with responsive support is a better investment and we agree.