HMD Global SIM Card - Mobile operator

After the Windows smartphones ups and downs run Nokia had, the company went into isolation before being acquired by HMD Global. They then started to make Android smartphones which the world cherishes all over right now for the build-quality and the smooth Android experience. To add to that, with the recent developments, HMD Global expanded its business and entered the mobile operator market. An app listed on the Play Store, HMD Connect app threw some light on the events before HMD has announced it officially in an event recently. With this mobile operator SIM card business, HMD wants to offer affordable data-only plans for those who travel internationally.

Coming to the details, the app page says that the HMD Connect is a hassle-free data SIM card for various countries and that you can save up to 70% when on roaming in over 120 countries. And as per the info listed on the page, it is suggested that the service probably uses a VPN to work because it says that the data is always safe wherever you are browsing. Moreover, the app will have all the details for you to manage your data and recharge whenever required.

In the launch event, it is made official beginning from now. The pricing starts at €19.95 for which you get an intro kit which includes the SIM card and 1GB of data. If you are planning on getting more than one SIM card, it will only cost half of that if you order from the same account. All you have to do is install the HMD Connect app and after opening, you will be asked to log in or order a SIM card from the HMD Connect website. Doing so and following the instructions will let you order the kit.

As for the data limits that you get, you get the 1GB data with the kit for a period of 14 days when you start the service. However, data packages are divided with respect to three zones and are capped at 1GB in Zone 1, 500MB in Zone 2, and 250MB in Zone 3 all for the same price. You will have a clear view of how much data you get once you sign up for the intro kit.

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