It’s a well known fact that the Nintendo 3DS is the biggest selling console ever in Japan, and now the US sales numbers have been released. The numbers show that Nintendo has moved 4.5 million units on the first 12 months, almost double the 2.3 million achieved with the DS. More than 9 million games were sold as well.

The software available can be cited as reason in this difference, with more than 100 titles on sale compared to the DS’ 58, but this figure is supported by the $80 price cut in July last year.

As per the count made early January, the 3DS has just broken past the 4 million mark, suggesting sales of around a quarter of a million per month in the US. Even though Nintendo is expected to post its first loss in history, it remains positive, with major franchises like Kid Icarus : Uprising and Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir both out soon.

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