Asus has had quite a busy week after their Asus Transformer Prime got a firmware update fixing GPS and Camera issues and bringing improvement to the tablet’s performance but the bootloader issue was still unfixed but now Asus has officially confirmed on its Facebook page that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be making its way to the quad core tablet starting January 12th and it will also be providing the users with a tool for unlocking bootloaders.

The locked bootloader when found out in past days was a major disappointment for users and custom ROM developers so this is really impressive response time by Asus, they made announcements within days of the lockdown being reported. The company explains that they had locked the bootloader so that users be able to enable Google’s video rentals. They also addressed that due to the metallic unibody design it has problems with receiving GPS signals so they haven’t even put GPS on the specification list and Prime’s GPS feature won’t even be marketed. It seems as though the last update won’t make much of a difference to the poor GPS reception of Asus Transformer Prime.

However, Asus has certainly won back some fans by taking quick steps and being honest enough to owe up that GPS isn’t the Eee Pad’s forte.