WhatsApp for BusinessWhatsApp has introduced a new update to WhatsApp for Business recently, and now, they’re rolling out new updates to offer features that make it easier and powerful for Businesses to communicate with their customers.

The three new features of WhatsApp for Business app are

  • Users can start a conversation
  • They can get support
  • They can also request helpful information

Now, users will see a new ‘click-to-chat’ button on a website or Facebook ad to quickly message a business. You” also get support from businesses in real-time on WhatsApp to answer questions about their products or help you resolve an issue.

The new request helpful information feature is very useful when you need a shipping confirmation or boarding pass. Simply give your mobile number to a business on their website, on their app, or in their store and have them send you the information directly on WhatsApp.

The good point is you’ll have full control over all messages you receive. Businesses will pay to send certain messages so they are selective and you won’t receive tons of news or advertisements. Also, the messages will remain end-to-end encrypted, so your privacy is protected. All these features to offer good service under WhatsApp for Business app.

WhatsApp Business APIs will now let businesses respond to messages from users for free only for up to 24 hours. They’ll be charged after the time limit at a fixed rate by country per message. Right now the update is being rolled out in selected countries with more than 90 large businesses including B2W, MakeMyTrip, Singapore Airlines and Uber.

Source – WhatsApp Blog, Facebook Business