Skype Call Recording
Skype has been silent for a long time and there are too many alternatives to it now. But recently according to the report, Skype has introduced a new call recording feature on Android along with other platforms. It’ll be a cloud-based feature, so you can do it pretty much anywhere that you can use Skype. As said, It combines all screens shared in the call, along with webcams and audio, and records everything.

Skype supported this feature 15 years ago but this is the first time this feature has been introduced. UNtill now the user had to take help from other sources to record the calls, sometimes they even need to root the device for this. The call recording feature was one of the most demanded features on Skype.

Skype is planning to bring this feature to the new Skype 8.0 update. Now with this update, users can easily download all the video. And for the safety feature, the end users will also get a notification of this recording too.

This Skype 8.0 update also brings new features like-

  • A new mobile-like design on desktops
  • End-To-End Encryption
  • 1080p video calling support
  • Video calling for 24 people in it at one time
  • Chat media gallery

All these features surely make Skype stand out from the rest. However, it seems to be too late for them to introduces this feature. All the other apps like Google Allo, Hangout and others brought these updates a long time ago.

Source – The Verge