When Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8 at the Windows Phone Summit last month, they called it a ‘platform preview’ and showed off some features that were mostly developer-oriented and though we were pretty excited by what we saw but we craved for more and Microsoft promised that they would unveil the consumer features at an event closer to its launch with devices. And today Chinese website WPDang reports that Windows Phone 8’s consumer features will be unveiled at the Nokia World which is to be held on September 5.

The reports also says that Nokia will also unveil two devices at the event running Windows Phone 8, they din’t detail if we would be seeing the Lumia PureView we have been craving for.

The folks at LiveSide also report of lot of Nokia devices with codenames showing up such as Lumia 910, 920, 1001, Champagne, Burr, Phi, Prodigy, and AC/DC. Hopefully we’ll get to know more of these devices at the Nokia World.

Along with the consumer features of Windows Phone 8, we could also get to see more of what the Windows Phone 7.8 brings other than the start screen which will be coming to current Windows phone devices.

This Nokia World can certainly be the one which will be remembered for bringing Nokia back again on the rise but that is just my wishful thinking. But with just a month and ten days away from the event, we can’t help but get excited to see Windows Phone 8 in full glory and also the next Nokia Lumia devices, we hope the Lumia PureView also makes it.

Nokia Burr picture courtesy: HowardForums.com